Monday, December 08, 2008

mehhhh :)

Huh, apparently all classes collapse in wk 10 so :DDDD FINISH EARLY!!!!
****Tomorrow is mufti day.
Weekend was pretty awesome. On saturday went to Strathfield with Caroline and daddy to buy some yummy korean groceries! Aunty Reiko told mummy about furikake and then i had to show mum that i already had a whole pack in the pantry =_= After Stratty, went to Hurstville for some yummy BREADTOP! Bought some purple rice bread because mummy like it! and i do tooooo~ :DDD and OMGUH bought a whole LOAF of it and its already down to only one slice left!!!! Guess ill buy some on wednesday? Friday?
On Sunday went NORAEBANG (korean kareoke for those who dont know) with Sarah and Angela and K'd for 21/2 hrs! XDDD Longest i've been in a single kareoke for! (longest ive K'd is like 4 hrs: 2hr chinese & 2 hr krn) It was AWESOME!!!! basically just sung a bunch of jap and korean songs and a few english :)
Shopped around (finished K'ing @ 530?) and stuff and then caught train at 6-ish?

Today i got my CHEMISTRY mark back...last period of the day....worst time but best time to get stuff. worst because if its bad it RUINS the day like FULLY ON. Best cause even if its bad, since its the last period no one pesters you about your marks :) Anyways did better than anticipated :) so i'm happy with my mediocre mark~ Told Jamie I'm not gonna scab marks because most of the time my tests/assessments are justly marked and/or the mark is already so bad that a single extra mark wont make a difference or there's the case of a scary teacher or in the case that i very well deserve not getting any extra marks or nothing. Most of the time though i just want to get over the test and work towards the next one! ^^
That was the most interesting part of my day i guess....besides smacking Wendy and David with his jumper! :) We're finally doing one of my fav topics of maths: LOCUS!!!! :D
Only 17 more days til Christmas.

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