Saturday, October 04, 2008

35 Degrees is terrible.

So today went cty to drop off stuff :)
Well, technically didnt meet til 1pm so got to cty @ 10:20am and spent an hour with Caroline, buying her a swimming costume then got lunch (yum yum Malay food!) and drinks and then BAM! we split (Caroline went Bondi beach) and i went to Haymarket library!
like seriously i would totally work there for eveen $7.50/hr!!!! i LOVE that nice and 'antique-y' and beautiful decor.....books are awesome as well XD
anyways so i browsed through the library for an hour; practically went through every nook and cranny of the place- through the staircase, all the walk-in shelves, etc. ^^
Then went to meet with tsujt and then off to Bluetooth where the rate is $2/hr if on membeership which is omguh so WORTH IT. Like the dwnld rate is SOOOO FAST! @@ spent 3hrs in here LOL and then went out for a snack but theen GOSHIES had to go back to meet Caroline. and when i came back te guy and laady are just like #__# wtf is she doing back? with the whole 'eyebrow-raise' look. totally embarrassing man. GOSH.
anyways went bac up and wasted a few good 20mins watching MVs, mainly M to M's 'Black...(something)" song which i can't remember the name to.
GAWD. didnt get to go Kae or eat Omurisu today. UNFORTUNATELY.
Yesterday i sucessfully made a TOWER of sushi (pickles, radish, carrot, cucumber, saury, tuna, prawn) and onigiri :D
Tomorrow...technically today; i might go out to buy some panko bread crumbs to make yummy tonkatsu. :)
ALSO just dwnlded Joanne's pretty compsition. Which sounds quite similar and DEFINATELY reminds me of Spirited Away in some parts and those olden-daay-set chinese movies like House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, etc.etc. i feel so tempted to write some lyrics to this.....:D
I wish i could propperly compose something....normally ill just make up a tune in my head or on the piano but i'll forget the sequence of notes real sad ><
Need a job to make $$$$ FAST.

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