Monday, October 06, 2008


SUPERNATURAL SEASON FOUR JUST showed on TEN HD @ 8.30 and OMGUH they showed episodes 1&2 together cause its PREMIERED and cause technically now we're on he sampe pace as America (showing every Thursday night). Now im gonna soon hop into Bluetooth and scrounge for Episode 3: In the Beginning and Hopefully (fingers crossed) Episode 4: Monster marathon? or something like that....i've read three versions of episodde synopses and scchedules and they're all pretty sketchy on the episodes 4+ so yeah~

ALSO!!!! GOT A NEW COLLIE!!!! and instead of a girl (like last two times) its a CUTE, ADORABLE BOY! looks like Lassie :D and we named him Leo! (ahaha add an 'n' for Leon!) Hes only a few weeks old! he's also blind in one eye and has a llimp...very patient and apparently trained! and mum's letting us keep him in the house! YAY!
(pictures to be posted in due time)

YESTERDAY went Noraebang with Caroline for an HOUR ONLY! but it was SOOOO much fun! got this bigger room than normal! so AWESOME! (rm 6) which had this HUGE couch! sang a BUNNCH of long-awaited-to-be-sung korean songs (BB, Seeya, SG Wannabe, Lee Seung Gi, DBSK, Superjunior, etc.)

$15/hr. awesomeness. now next time i go i get a free 1/2 hour :)
ill udate more laters. seeya dudes :)

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