Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Today was ANN'S BDAE PARTY :)
So went late, as per usual, in tme to watch THE DARK KNIGHT, eat cakee and peg water balloons at the beautiful one-and-only birthday girl :D
One of your typical, run-of-the-mill birthday parties but perked up a notch with Ann's AWESOME party planning skills (coughcough) LOL and not to forget her AWESOME HUGE HOUSE! 0_0
All in all was an eventful day leaving me with dry-tired eyes ^^

Anyways, onto more news.... SUPERNATURAL SEASON FOUR was OFFICIALLY AIRED ON SEPTEMBER 18. and THANKYOU to the AWESOME youtube member Supernaturalvideo, i was able to watch episode 1&2 of season 4!!! (Episode 4.01 & 4.02) Whiich were AWESOME.
and sorry Joanne for accusiing you of lying!!! ^^ *SPOILERS*
Dean DOES crawl from his grave! @@ it's like BUFFY all over again hahahaha. and guess what? first thing he goes to is agas station/store and gets food, drinks and PRON MAGS XD LOL. and omguh all these people get their eyes BURNED from their head by the 'thing' (coughangelcough) that pulled Dean from death!!!! and OMGUH those witnesses are SCARY SHIET. omguh butt thee special effects are so FAKE hahaha.*END SPOILERS*
and yersh Joanne, i shal fill you with all the gist soon! :3
OH also my LAPTOP (which is the one i use for everything regarding the internet) has officially been VICTIMISED. by a virus that deleted userinit.exe from my comp meaniig that my system can't run and all this shiet. meaning i ned to REFORMAT and hence my computer activity is reduced. BUT! there's other comps thatt i can use (i.e. my dad's :D) hehhee

YESTERDAY: went tto the 'reunion' which wasnt really a reunion. :/ basically met up with Annie, Amanda, Emily &Rebekah, Jamie. Had lunch, caught up with Annie, Amanda's lives...chit-chat LOL. then we split (they went MYER) and me, Jamie, bekah went Kae ...ahh so long since ive been. and jamie's friends (one of which who apparently 'has a good body' XD) crashed in the last hour/half hour. from which i had to leave early, quickly bought Caroline a preeeeeety and CUTE! skirt and RAN to central to catch the train on time ^^

.....noraebaang is calling me...

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