Thursday, August 14, 2008



ohkay so TECHNICALLY i should be doing my FARKIN 6-7 pg essay on the share market but MAN i need a FARKING BREAK. this morning i woke up at 1am....and did MATHS until 430am. and then on tuesday and monday i did THREE FRIGGIN HOURS of the number shiet! OMFGUH.
just let me die from studying in PEACE. =3= anyways i have decided that today was a pretty good day. Wednesday was pretty Ohkay. i'd say a 5 out of 10 (10 being the AWESOMEST DAY EVER) for wed, today was more like a 6 :)
Me and Jamie went to get info on the distinction courses BUT you're only allowed to do them if you're accelerated....TT__________TT there goes all my dreams and hopes in flames.....the SECOND TIME. then watched Hanson and Leon and Abhi and co. TRY to seriously dude....Bead taught them #___#
hehe after eco, i gots a PIGGY BAK ALL THE WAY DOWN THE STAIRS AND TO THE QUAD by Hanson! XD
i think i cut off his air circulation ^^
then David tied my shoelaces for me XD how sweet~
Practised for TQ for the last 5 mins of lunch with the AWESOME Anjelllo~! :D
got a cut during the walk from Maths to English..BIIIIIIIIG CUT. Bleeding everywhere..LOL nah. only like 2-3cm long harhar. and Jamie and Vicky were full gonna antiseptic it like....OMGUH thats not neccessary!
AG was tiring....i want my research back. Bio as well....chem is just as crappy as always. not the teacher or anything....i just dont like chem.
got marks for english back. i passed. :) and dropped 7 ranks D:
10 more days til its here.
2 weeks til i go up.
4 weeks til they start.
5 weeks til i drop.
7 weeks til its gone.
one year til i fail.

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