Thursday, August 07, 2008


have been sleeping an awful lot lately and catching up on TV time! and im now an OFFICIAL NUMB3RS fan! :)
and according to one of the ONLY FEW asians that watch SCRUBS =3=" which is an AWESOME show!
i did my engerlish speech on MONDAY....and did my EXT english seminar on Tuesday arvo....was the last person!
anyways the seminars were REALLY good! Thomas' one was pretty packed up with text (he did novels) and he went over 11mins. Angela's was ENGAGING! and Allie's was just 0_0 at the SFX! sooo good! then i did mine....kinda rambled on WAAAAAAY too much and didnt really address all the gothic conventions i'd noted down BUT Alex, Lisa, Lauren, Angela, Himakshi all said they liked it! and i persuaded them to watch the movie! YAY! cause the movie is absolutely AWESOME and deserves HUGE RECOGNITION! even though its basically been translated and distributed to the whole world already! movie is Pan's Labyrinth btw.

himakshi convinced me to go into TALENT QUEST wherein i shall sing ONLY HOPE by Mandy Moore (SUPER OLD but nice song!)
am also going to help Angela and David choreograph a dance for Multicultural Day! and maybe perform in it as well! XD showed Angela the really AWESOME dance moves Taeyang and BB perform on the MVs With U and 기도 (Feat. Teddy) and explained what the puppet move/dancing was...cant believe she's never heard of it 0_0

school is BORING as always. AWESOME vicky let me sleep/lie on her while we watched Othello (movie adaption) in english. Confirmed my place in Talent quest with Rachel.

and talked to Lisa! who knows Melina and is AWESOME at economics and business XD let her borrow DVD of Pan's Labyrinth! she's reallly nice and she lives at Campbelltown too! LOL

and im tired....gotta catch up and ask for help on maths. GAWSH.
Im officially Jamie's wifey...:D

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