Friday, August 22, 2008


so i've just been surfing the net for the past hour...and reading blogs LOL.
there's a way to get up-to-date because man-oh-man i feel really bad about ditching everyone this week.
i found a someone and someones blog...hehe :D
im accomplished.
the BOOK is started and is in the progression of being completed wherein i can finally look at that chem assessment notification. :D
exams are just around the corner and i feel like a sloth..which is NOT good D:
RICE is tomorrow.

OH and i learned that when someone says that someone is their "FRIEND" with quote marks and all; means that its actually bf/gf ...actually i knew this before but the notion of actually saying this in HAHS is kinda bewildering. i mean, seriously it doesnt give me a good view on the way people take relationships in the school. no offense peoples you guys are strong enough to venture into LOVE and i admire you guysfor it...really :)

Mr G in chem was being really nice today ^^ and Mrs Jackson is aweshumely nice :D
OHMO caught a train.....that had a SINK!!! @@" omgosh never knew trains could have sink/bubbler thingos!

THANKYOU LEI AND ABHI for giving me the music :) i missed these musics :D

sucessfully PASSED AG and BIO :) im veryy happy~

and now i shall bore you guys with some ranting shiet thats been on my mind..... freedom. when you're a dog, it's second nature to want it....not only with dogs BUT EVERY SINGLE PERSON. they crave for control it's ENGRAVED, MANIFESTED TO THE MAXIMUM in our BLOOD. it's a PRIMAL instinct that many just don't understand. the notion of a dog running away is not so hard to comprehend is it? the fact that they have spent a majority of their time in a specific set area of land. everyone is WILD to an extent...and i mean wild as in, the you're out in the is it our right to blame them or ourselves for locking them in and making them stay? granted 12.5 acres of land is fairly generous area of living.
FORGIVE AND FORGET. embrace the moments that slip past because you never know when they'll fall away and you cant grasp them anymore.

i got Only Hope down. the high notes are steadily improving, volume has yet to increase.
David, Angela and sweet~ <3

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