Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Insa (farewell) is an awesome song.

Fly away~ Fly away love~

i hope all the turbo nerds suffer!!! but then again i retract that statement cause my failing/beyond terrible exams is due to my blatant disregard for studying. meaning i only studied for the subjexts i did moderately okay in. namely Agriculture and Biology. The rest are ATROCIOUS marks. Mr Dillion is really nice and i think he's not advising me to drop because my assignment marks are on average at around 80%. i VOW to try harder in maths in obligation to the hard dedication my teacher constantly offers. i can believe i let him down.

Props to Lei! you didnt fail ext. english :)

Marks can go burn in a reclusive ditch on the edge of the grand canyon so the ashes remain nowhere only to fall into the endless pitt of darknes that erupts from a cliff face protruding form those jagged rocks and other bits of dirt and natural elements that serve to increase the incredilble dryness of the land.

if i could fall....i'd fall forever, never-ending with no worries, to my imminent death. to be free of worries and the chains that life holds and restricts my soul and mind to.

i feel insanely poetic....

MUM comes back tomorrow! and so does ariel. (technically today but w/e)
OMG pervy is single haha i knew something was wrong when i talked to him on msn a few weeks ago. ahh *sigh* young love. I'll never get it nor will i want to.

oh 22/161 is my ultimate ranking. im going to show my mum and then my dad then ill jump around for joy.
i HATE GIPPLE. Ext english tomorrow. (hw due...not yet finished) started on my studying regime. i do my maths hw and eng hw regularly now. (daily except weekends). have yet to procure motivation regarding biology and AG hw as well as motivation for further studying chenistry and economics....the worst of my subjects.
this helped pervy....

"Smile surrounded, cry alone" (made by Monkeii)
Don't ever stop smiling, it heals the soul; whether it be yours or someone else's. It always has a lasting positive effect.

oh a random junior sed hi to me today...weird. also got hit by a water ballon. good thing i was partially shielded by the bags and benches. i hate those losers.

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