Monday, May 26, 2008


NO AM NOT GOING OUT WITH JAMIE (male version) anticipating the approval for my chosen text for the EXT. eng seminar! (i'm hoping it gets approved regardless of its MA+ rating ><" )
So... dah daaaaaaaaaaam~ i got my BEAUTIFUL mark for the maths assignment back... 97% :D
and what makes it so much better is that majority of it i did WITHOUT my notes/math book! XD
i'm hoping this is leading to better exam marks for maths! *_________*

Tomorrow am going to meet-up with the GANG! to Celebrate Caajal's bdae~! hehe can't wait! i wrapped all the presents up myself (including Irvin's & Tina's belated ones) and made the cards and i tied pretty bows on them too! #________# took so much time but they're really pretty! :)

Extension english!!! :) Eversince (and before that..LOL) i got that AWESOME marks for the exam i've been skyrocketing on cloud nine regarding Extension English! I'm gonna STUDY HARD for that subject and COME OUT ON TOP! Oh in English (AD.) the class was warned about the opening of a new standard eng class and how some people may be forced to move down (not FORCED perse...but given the option..kinda).
Went K on SATURDAY with Jamie, Jamie, Vicky & Geoff (for two hours!)
Thanks for the compliment Geoff/Daryl! ^______^
On Sunday went to Newtown and OMG i HAVE to go back soon and go SHOPPING! They sell the prettiest clothing and PLUSHIES! @______@
OH and i got a pretty traditional BENTO from Mummy :) it's so small and convenient!
I feel like singing....

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