Saturday, May 17, 2008

yaaaaaay :]

i think it made self-esteem raise to 54% :) cousin (xiou shen) and his friend (wei feng) arrived from Malaysia on Monday for a small holiday~ (monday last week :x ) and today (since mummy went with ariel to Malaysia on Thursday) we all went to CTY ^_______^ because Wei Feng is going back tomorrow (very early *____*) so we had to take him to buy some abalone for his mum. Then Caroline wanted to meet with her bf (-_______-) and her friends and wei feng went to play DOTA (such a complicated game!) and me, caroline and xiou shen went walking around... (dad went off on his own cause he doesn't want to tag along a bunch of younglings LOL).

Got LAST ANGEL feat. TOHOSHINKI by Koda Kumi single! So CHEAP!!! only $9.90 (and it contains a BONUS DVD with the making and music video). At capitol Caroline went spazzy on the prize machine things and got me a cute little red dangly dollie! SO CUTE! :D
Also bought a bananna pancake and tiramisu slice XD mmmm~~~

We all went (incl. dad) to eat yummy KRN BBQ~! and Matt tagged along cause like... him&caroline are like THIS *crosses fingers* and *smooshes fingers together and makes kissy noises*...yerh. VERY YUMMY! one of the hot-plate-BBQ-thingos on our table didnt work so the nice guy came and replaced it with a portable gas stove! So prepared! We got bulgoki, a Meat combination plate (which was pretty HUGE) and a bowl of Kimchi soup (which is DELICIOUS!) and this comes with all those krn side dishes as well! XD

got home at 9.30? and ran straight to feed the puppies! haha they're so cute! Immediately ran to the door as soon as they saw me turn the light on XD
and my eyes are making me think the computer is shaking so i think i gotta sleep soon.....
so ill just add a few pics....

the red dangly dollie caroline won for me

LOOK! It's my desk!

OMG the OVERFLOWING bookcase~:D

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