Friday, May 09, 2008


So this week has been a bits hectic for me!
Monday & Tuesday went City (for presents - Poni's bdae & mother's day) also went cty TODAY for Noi's Bdae then went Revesby to celebrate and join in on Poni''s SURPRISE bdae party! (which was organised by Lien ^^)

Wednesday was Eco exam which i absolutely BOMBED considering i B-S'ed practically 3/4 of the exam. Maths 3U was okay~ but i don't think ill get a GOOD mark. BUT! i finished the exam and answered ALL the questions in time to re-check my paper twice XD that makes me happppyyy~! On Wednesday i took the pretty puppies out to play and OMG they're so cute! Took them out twice (once and then after an hour, took them out again) and Jack was being a bumhole so i made sure they followed me around and avoided running into Jack :)
After that i decided to continue watching Time Between Dog & Wolf (a K-drama feat. teh AWESOME LEE JUN KI!) and OMG after the first THREE episodes it gets SOOOOO INTERESTING! Got hooked SO BAD that i didn't study for maths AT ALL (except for a mere 40mins). Finished the drama in ONE NIGHT (i ended up fast forwarding most of the boring monologues in the last three episodes) and so i finished by 1:30 am.
Then on Thursday, went to school extra EARLY to study but didnt really end up studying LOL.
Got so panicked but the maths test had basically only function questions and a few algebra crap thrown in which REALLY PISSED ME OFF!

After the exam, went home straight away (on the train with Anne) and then took out the pupppies (haha Bao Bei tried eating my slipper!) twice in the afternoon whilst re-watching Time between Dog & Wolf so i could understand what happened to lead up to the end properly. (sigh...Jun-ki oppa is SOOO HOT).

Today i caught up on sleep and slept in til 10am JUST in time to greet my daddy (who was waiting to take me to station!) met up with Jamie at the train station and we went cty & had lunch as that recently opened Jap restaurant in Sussex St. Walked around a bit then at 12.30 i met up with Noi and he went to meet his mum. Talked with Noi & friends then we took Caps (holy moly we fit 15+ people! :D) Then went townhall at 2.09 just in time to catch the train to Revesby!
Got there at 2.50? and powerwalked to Poni's house (which is SOOO FAR! T_T) then PARTY and then at 5.06 went home~
Very TIRED today ><"
and i have chinese school tomorrow (which i REALLY dont want to go to) and i HAVENT done the homework and I REALLY SUCK at chinese and...><" GOSH.

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