Tuesday, May 06, 2008


so..guessing from the title...YES biology exam is OVER!
not like it was the most stressing thing that i will/did study over (that's maths!) but still..no more science exams.
granted im sure i've failed. that and english and there's a possibility ive failed chemistry...Maths will be a definite failure and eco...let's not go there shall we?
so right now i'm supposed to be studying. but i just got home so i think ill bum around instead :D

wait..i shall recount my MONDAY. Well monday was PONI'S BDAE! so went out to cty to look for her present and to buy my marmie a pair of mittens for mother's day (because her hands are always cold!).
but before that went school to study a teeny bit with Lei and wish Jamie good luck on his maths test! :D
Was alone in cty, SOOO nigelated. Barely anyone there though..surprisingly enough. walked three times around central/chinatown area then went up to townhall to kill some time in kino. then i found those pretty mittens (that can be turned into fingerless gloves!) for $17.95. An okay price :)

after bumming around went to train station to find out i MISSED the train to Oatley so backtracked to Hurstville and met Poni & Matt (got him to buy flowers for Poni stupid povo!). went around hurstie, met up with Elie (who looks oh-so-cool in that suit!^^) and Jason? yerh...
then blah blah blah and we went home :)
was fun and ....nice~ but very tiring! (especially the rushing around cty part *____*) Got home around 6pm....and then met our cousin and his friend that came over that monday morning :]

SOOO ANYWAYS. TODAY WAS okay. Daddy looks really tired...=3=
anyways this morning we were all sitting around studying bio. Hanson came to school again (such a nerd) and we talked a bit, Lei and Vicki were helping me cram in the last few minutes and Jessica & Jenny wished me luck and gave me a few heads up on the exaams! They're SO SWEET! :D
After the exam bummed around a bit in the library (lady told me off for standing when i was saying bye byes to evryone GOSH!) then wished Jamie and Himakshi good lucks for their Bussiness studies exam X_X
Lei! you and your stupid watch! made me think i was late! but THANK YOU & HUGS for sending the thing for me!

then went cty, bummed for an hour and then picked up marmie's jacket i bought for her off the internet.
the seller has such a cute voice! and very NICE! ^^
and OMFG i went upstairs of central for the FIRST TIME EVER! It looks sooooooo PRO. Like....an AIRPORT! 0______0 iwanna go there again~!

Got to station at 2 and then daddy picked me up and dropped me off and BAM! here i am~
now im off!
sorry for the rushed post but i have things to do~ hehe

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