Friday, April 11, 2008


Got my Zipia shoes today :P
and they looks so hot!
brand is TWO STAR (C) and made in Korea :D i'm so happy~!
and here's a few pics of the shoes haha i kinda got bored and photoshopped the backgrounds XD
my leg looks supah FAT .________."

Yeppers! They're RED PLAID. very nice stuff! haha and kinda big on me ><"
i think the size is bigger than i ordered DX oh i can go for a baggier ganji look LOL
Arrived to cty at 3pm on the dot! :P very precise and two minutes early^^
haha the train was actually reliable :)
Today when got to station (east hills line platform) and went on train; people waved at me! LOL i never get waved to except from khoi, jamie, lei, vicky, irvin and uh...some other peoples haha XD
i feel popular ><" nahhhh i feel like i have friends ^^
Today for AG we went for a SUPAH LONG walk! all the waaaaaaaaay up to the MOBILE TOWER! :0 (top of hill- kms away from school). it was really fun! and i got to see Melina again! :) she smeels so nice! and she shared some of her shapes with me :D she's so nice!
I really like it when we have walks hehe. it's so nice and refreshing and natural~! and there were pretty willow-looking trees that gave huge shade and were very cooling~ :]
Because of the walk, we were late for our next class ><"
Economics didnt do much, just revising on essay topic writing and the stuff we should include. Me and Geoff had an 'enlightening' talk :) apparently he's too bright to be depressed and affected by my petty insults ^^ which is good cause i don't know how to change :P
uhmm....will write more later cause i'm running out of blog space :x
OH and Irvin brought some yummy chocolate-coconut thingies that tasted soooooo good :F
YAY for Irvin! haha
you're so sweet :)

PS LOL just remembered Belinda and Geoff on wednesday... ><" aishies you guys are so cute! Little cutie puppies :D

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