Thursday, April 10, 2008

tarh tarh ratttah rah :)

dumm dee dum~
N.B. after this i'm updating status post (soompi shop)

anyways at the urging of Irvin :) i shall post~!
Today was even more trying than usual...sigh -____-"
ALL DAY was SUPAH TIRED! except during the morning wherein i was running around like crazy hugging Jamie, Angela, Himakshi, Kritika, Belinda and Joanne and Noi :)
bwahahaha Angela is like...MY HEIGHT! ^_______^
apparently she wears these heels that i didnt even know about til now. thats why she appears to be of 'normal' height. PAH LOL.

Tomorrow i shall be going to CTY after school. hmmmm will be there at 3pm to pick up my prettifool Zipia shoes! and i've been meaning to buy a pair of flats/pretty shoes too....hmmm

Everyone's (Vincent) recruiting alot of people to come to the cty outing that is occurring on Monday 14th. Talks about it at least three times everyday...geeesh man you gotta know when to STOP! ><"
Saturday shall be working and Sunday as well. probably cram in some study time as well.

OH and i once again INCREASED my percentage results for maths! 91% woohooo~!
though i'm not completely jumping for joy because these were ASSIGNMENTS meaning i had my book with i betcha i'll only get around high 70's % for the half yearly's...for shame :/

was talking to Uzzi & Lauren on the train back today. apparently Mrs Fernandez's class got SUPER BAD marks for some chemistry pop quiz 0______0
poor Khoi....(i heard you got the cofflowestcoff mark)

and OHMYGAWD. Saw someone selling low Nike white AF1's for $10!!!'s used but the condition is good and its MY SIZE! :D i've PMed her about it...i REALLY WANT THEM! (only $15 SHIPPED!).

slowly my money is withering away.....*insert wind and swooshing noises* how sad T_____T

PS i didnt mention before but i met an ex-hurlstonian on Monday! Her name's Amanda and she's asian XD haha
yersh very interesting convo we had :)
AND OMG JAMIE WAS PERVING ON THE KEN-GUY (the one that was speaking about the NYSF camp)!!!!!!!!!!!!

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