Sunday, April 13, 2008


Lei if you wanna meet up tomorrow before everyone else...i shall be at kinokuniya around...10:30 :)
anyone else welcome to join me but yerh....

anyways for everyone else reading this lame-ass blog:
I'm so bored i'm gonna list my life time goals/things i wanna be able to do in the future:

1. live within walking distance to a local asian grocery (korean/chinese/japanese) store and on a weekly basis be able to go grocery shopping by myself buying whatever i want and walk home. not drive or train but WALK :)

2. live in a small, decorative but plain apartment or house. And cook for friends and guests.

3. do things the way i want to. Do stuff for myself. NOT follow ________. Wear all my own clothes. not "LEND" (leave them for suspectible stealing) them _____....(ugh i'm pissed...______________again..sigh)

4. Be A HERMIT. have a peaceful life, alone. No intruders, no phones (i hate talking on the phone), no people calling me a b*t*h and names behind my back/to my face. just me, my super technology (computer), internet and basic neccessities.

5. Design clothes. Make a world recognised brand of clothing...attend a fashion show of something.

6. hahaha be a model. LOL. for asian fashion fob clothes.

7. Write a book. publich a work of literature/art. and own an old fashioned proper photography camera.

...i have more but they're SECRET. :)

love you guys.

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