Friday, April 04, 2008

riiiighht :S

So apparantly Elie reads my blog :3
I'm gonna make you a PRETTY YUMMY ASIAN LUNCH!!! :)

made teriyaki sauceded frie/combination rice just now.
with mushrooms and egg :) yummy~!

GOT A B+ in Eng for essay on Drifters -______-"
I'm so shietty at essays....sigh~!
Today Geoff, Himakshi and me were talking (again) in Eco class abouts palm reading and other crap. :)
haha i think the teacher has it in for Geoff! cause he keeps talking and stuffs :X

In Bio we got JELLYBEANS! and not the cheap shiet either! It was PASCALL branded so it tasted goooooood :D
AND Vincent (little) donated blood today! So brave XD and then he gave me a cute speckled easter egg which was melted and de-mongulated but i ate it anyways :P
mmmm~ tasted goooood :3

Vicky and Belinda and Joanne spent all lunch singing disney songs LOL! and i helped a little :]
a pretty normal day.
Two of the office ladies got their hair shaved off and they raised around $3500!!!! :0
and JOANNE won $200 worth of FREE services at PARIS Hairdresser in Liverpool! LUCKY! (would've preferred cash though haha)

No extension this morning :)
mingled around today. Nothing much happened and yerh.
was supposed to go HCF but they were playing games and stuff, made me and Irvin real awkward so we left. ><" i feel bad though.....

ill update more rice is getting cold DX

PS. TASIE IM GOING TO LIEN'S THING SO YOU BETAH COME TOO! (the only people ii noe is you, lien, poni, jess ><")

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