Monday, April 07, 2008

LISTEN: BOUNCE (by Timbaland)

Okay so Bounce is an AWESOME song with an AWESOME beat and i wish i was a better dancer so i could copy the moves form Step Up 2 (Moose) and show you how that dance literally rocks my world! XD
haha anyways~~~

Today was a very TRYING day. Got busted 5th period for my FARKING socks. GAWSH. Go BUY ME SOME FARKING SOX THEN HUH?! Dammit! D<
Eco was boring (woah..first time i've said that) and i barely paid attention to anything, hence the reason i kept avoiding from reading out my passage and didnt end up reading it at all.
Chem was fine and bio was just ....meh. Probably because my senses were on alert because of the lollipop Khoi generously offered me this morning ( which he actually got from Belinda. THANKS BELINDA! <3>

Well the reason for my inattentiveness/extreme lathargy during maths this morning was because i was up late TRYING but NOT SUCCEEDING in writing up the eng adv. essay. sigh. must write up now. late i mean 3am in the morning -_________-"

bwahahha LEi i JUST finished burning all my music onto the Dvds Jamie gave me! ^^
ughhh just realised all my music adds up to a mere 8 GBs -___- must ask Jamie if he wants manga too...or stock up on music. im so far behind i need to update fast ><"

onto other pressing matters; HOLIDAYS in JUST 4 DAYS!!! ohohoho then exams T____T
anyone wanna do a study date? but maybe not...i have to increase my writing speed and ability to think fast and on the spot. sigh. this is so gonna cost me 100+ rankings D:
from 49 to 149th ....i can just see it now... *cries and wails in despair*

also talked to Lawrence once again today. I mean seriously, the guy is just asking for an ass kicking haha ^^ and OMG this morning more than half of my chem class was off doing EXCELERATED Maths Unit 2 HSC exams! like OMFG how smart can you GET?! #$%*!!!!

am going off now, because i dont have much to blog today.
and heads up! i may be entering another writing comp! :)
Love you all and wish you guys are stress free and utterly safe :P

Thought for the day: I AM ugly :)
P.S. a SHOUT OUT to Lien! & Poni! I'll always miss you guys and love you guys. Dont cry, cause i'll always be here for you :)

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