Wednesday, March 19, 2008

rah rah rah :D

Heyoo my sunshines :D
Today was an okay day :S played badmington the WHOLE sports time ---2 hours straight! NO BREAKS! Im so proud of myself haha ;D normally im such a lazy bum .....><"
hahha i also got a merit award (MY SECOND ONE! lOl) from Mr!!!! :P

Well, maths ext 1 has finally given me a break! Doing some easy peasy regions and cubic functions! THANK GOSH! But now eng has begun to hate me! Especially Extension eng ><>
and then have to read Away && actually FINISH Dracula cause i was supposed to finish it ages ago! OMO
Oh and i've literally FLUNKED the eng assessment we had. TOTALLY WROTE A STORY UNRELATED TO JOURNEYS! OMG! TT_TT
There goes all my hopes in getting a higher rank....(and better class placement..)

On another note.....
IVE FARKING SPENT OVER $50 on my phonebill!!!! Im sooooo scared now cause last time i spent over $2 and he full yelled at me and....yerh ><>
Hopefully i dont get disowned or anything :x
ii have also begun to get thoroughly back into my fanfic fetish/obsession....which is kinda bad considering its costing my valuable sleeping time ^^"
Also been down in the dumps all week and the end of last week. Maybe it's cause im not really having 'fun' at school anymore? im not sure but its kind of in turn i shall try to study more/sleep more during those intervals of recess and lunch :D

GOOD DEED OF THE WEEK! : Lei has been depressed for a couple of weeks, ive been trying to 'include' him more into convos and stuff :] He smiles more now.....happier (like before - first couple of weeks).

So far so good! :D
and today i saw Jenny JUST as she got off the train and i was getting on :P
Hugged and said hi, and were blocking all the passengers trying to get on hahaha oopsies ^^;
Everyone's been sick lately (poor Daryl & Joanne & Belinda & Jamie <- the cause of everyones sickness :X )
so i shall try my best to make them feel better!

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