Sunday, March 23, 2008


On Thursday 20th March, Lee Dong-Gun's brother was killed in World Square, Sydney.
Lee Dong-Gun is that hot-shot cool actor that stars in LOADS of dramas including: Sang Doo, Let's go to School!

I was reading the Daily Telegraph and came across this announcement...actually i got interested cause ...duhhh it was a KOREAN ACTOR IN AN AUSTRALIAN NEWSPAPER.
I read the story, pondered, alerted my mummy and then it just came back to me just now.
This article was in the newspaper YESTERDAY. Apparantly Dong-Gun and his parents flew from Seoul to here and are currently DEVASTATED over the death. (Dong-Gun's bro was studying in Sydney Uni...SMART man~)
It's sad like super sad that i dont hear these things over current affair news or anything but only in the teeny tiny international news section on a friggin SATURDAY.
*sigh* sometimes, AU is too .......ugh

On another note, those vids: "Potter Puppet Pals" were showcased this morning on SEVEN- sunrise? i think :)
haha funny guys should check it out. i burst out laughing over this :D

Im SUPER tired today. and ive earned a total of $50 this weekend (saturday && Sunday) by packing away stock and working the cash register at mummy's shop. I am on the way to the goal of $400! XD

Finished reading the play; Away by Micheal Gow. Shiet as. quite ghey and very short so that made me happy. Now i must annotate and delve deeper into the hidden meanings and metaphorical gestures and ideas melded into said text. english....ugh.

I am totally going karaoke soon. BEFORE the holidays with Peony or someone....otherwise i'll never study and be tired and grumpy throughout my half yearly's and definately bomb them, resulting in the lowest ranking. sigh.

oh and i FLUNKED my eng assessment, am PISSED beyond H*ll and trying but not succeeding in overcoming the looming exhaustion.
SUPERNATURAL ffs are AWESOME *_____________*


PS. gawsh, my lj skin is RAD and dripping with hotness...go and check out the droolable-ness of Miyavi =F

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