Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today had YUMCHA with Lien, Peony, Jess (fufu :] ) && Tasie~!!!!
YAAYYY you guys totally lightened up my mood!
Things in Hurlstone are soo shiet -________- everyone b*tches bout everyone...GOSH.
&& no one has the same values/interests ii have :O
anywayyys took caps (which i shall upload later :P ) had yummy yummy yummcha~! & icecream (passionflower .....drools...=F ) took caps, then separated (after Lien went TT_TT NOOOOOOO!!!! ) and walked around with the beautifoool stunning peony (bestest girl you'll evah meet! :D ). Haha just browsed through all the fob stores and drooled at clothes, adidas/Nike shoes, and OMG K-Swiss shoes ONLY $50!!!! (apparantly they're fakes BUT GOOD QUALITY FAKES! ) told daddy and he's like 0_____0 why didnt you buy them? then i told him i had no money and he's like...ill take you to buy them then!^^ I love my daddy!!! :)
and PEONY be prepared for an awesome navy plaid scarf! haha was gonna keep it to myself but you said you wanted a blue scarf for winter and i cant keep you cold and lonely at winter time! ><
ALSO had chinese school in the morning (before yumcha) which was ghey in the beginning (lost so much sleep *________* ) but then i mellowed out in the last hour of chinese school ^^
Then Ellie picked me and Ariel up and took all of us (Caroline was already in the car) to Burwood :]
Ellie is so supar awesome! AND THE COOLEST DRIVER!
Well, trained it to city from burwood which was alright..yay for direct trains :D
and JUST got there (jess's shop) 10 minutes late ;D hahah fully ran from central all the wayy!
We all wore black and white today! MATCHING! XD

OH on Friday (which was yesterday) i FINALLY went to HCF (the christian meet-up/youth group thing in Hurlstone - meetings on friday lunch) and had sooooo much fun! Went with Irvin and Daryl (cause they're the only christians ii know - besides Ryan & Angela) and there was an EASTER EGG HUNT! was super fun and the talk (that one of the leaders did ----i cant seem to recall her name) was really good and interesting! (Daryl said he didnt like it because it was too ordered , she had a pre-written speech, and preferred an improv speech...but it was still good :] )
OH and did Economics assessment speech on THURSDAY! was alright. I think i totally BOMBED it but yerh...and when i went off the 'stage' to go change slides i bumped into Wendy's shoulder -________-" SO EMBARRASSING! (i KNOW Daryl & Geoff were laughing at me!) and i'm like 'SHIET *BLUSH* ' and then said sorry and scrambled off....gosh im such a loser *_*

Anyywayys im writing waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much so ill be off~
Wish me luck on my Eng assessment :D
Love you guys!

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