Friday, November 23, 2007


i've put some new pics up....

and so the year is beginning to fade away into the past...sigh

everyone's been going to formals lately and i feel a bit 'put out' i suppose. and they all look so pretty too! Here, I'm referring to Amanda, Peony and possibly...Emily hahaha nah of course they all looked 'glitzy' (is that a word???) and 'glamourous'.

Can't wait until the school year finishes and then I'm saying goodbye to East Hills and HELLO to Smith's Hill.... although i don't feel OVERLY excited considering the fact that i HATE making new friends and its a kinda 'non-asian' school. sigh.

Began dancing at DANCEKOOL in cty. quite interesting and i suppose it is challenging. i feel old.

about $50 for five weeks which is quite cheap.

Work experience starts this coming Monday and I am fretting over what is 'professional' and suitable to wear.

Mum says i can wear that dress i wore on Sunday last week so i'm quite happy.

Our presonal formal will be on the 1st of december and RSVP was last Friday and not surprisingly NO ONE RSVP'ed. and JAMIE! you havent confirmed whether you're going yet! ASK ALREADY!

Anyways main reason i'm posting is because i can't sleep. Considering there's nothing more for me to say I'm off to read some fanfics [hehehehe]. so ta-ta!

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