Friday, November 30, 2007


sooo another blog! wow so soon! is what you [if anyones reading] is thinking right?
end of work experience and im sitting like a demented duck on my fat axx in front of the computer...sigh.

where i went: angus & robertson, CAMDEN
hours: 9am-5pm
lunch break: 12:30-1pm
mood: tired, grumpy, PMSing, more tired and lethargic.
so tomorrow off i go to but all the food and maybe some presents.
sigh everyone's backing out of the formal and i think it'll end up being boring. i hope not. poni put so much effort! *pout*
SOOMPIERS! i got a 411 finally. after about a year or so of having an account.
been hooked onto PoT and all those sport mangas you see nowadays. Ryoma is soooo cute it's NOT FUNNY. i think if he was REAL i'd melt as soon as i see him. SERIOUSLY. [only if he was amnesiac as he is now :::OMG SPOILER FORGET THAT!]

D.gray-man still continues and the ugly bowl-haired dude pisses me off as well as the freaky hitler-like guy thats the super freaky DEMENTED inspector.
the whole no action-thing is pissing me off too. sigh.
linalee doesn't deserve allen FULL STOP.

about 5 minutes ago my lil sister threw the Wii controller into the wall. LOL what an idiot.

here's a picture i took of my business outfit on tuesday this week.
for more go to my photobucket or soompi 411.
wishing cyber hugs and trying to spread the chrissy joy.

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