Sunday, September 30, 2007


Actually, it was yesterday----29th September; Saturday---when i went.

awesomely FRIKIN CROWDED and the people at the stores were especially nice as always. i didnt get to buy any DVDs or manga books from that guy's stall that i normally go to every year [and he remembers me!!!! so ii get DISCOUNTS!] because i was ESPECIALLY short on cash. spent it all on that tie i bought from Shibuya for my outfit.

this year, dressed in Lolita style with a touch of FOB. [FOB was my glasses :) ]

At least 85% was dressed UNFORTUNATELY as Lolita and quite surprisingly [considering i've been going to animania yearly for the past 3-4 yrs] ALOT of cosplayers.

happily conversed with a bunch and took heaps of photos [not as much as i liked] and almost squealed ecstastically when i saw someone cosplayed as MIYAVI.

Mostly went around with Poni, Matthew [met up later] and Caroline and ended up being the source of 'money saving'. cuz i got poni into getting a bunch of hair extensions for the price of two cause i brought them another customer! :D

overall my purchases that day were:

a pair of neko ears, 6 cute stickers [got one for free!], a cute EGG clip, Teddy bear plushie [Tamaki's from Ouran Highschool Host club], Tokyo Ramen [for lunch] and MAR vol. 15 [last one! totally kinda fully shite ending].

me [left], Ryoma: Prince of Tennis, and Poni

the teddy bear i bought!

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