Monday, July 16, 2012

#272 I ♥ JAPAN


1. Kansai, Osaka from the sky 2. Golden Pavillion 3. Ebisujishi (?) street - the famous river/canal in Osaka 4. within Kinkakuji Temple gardens 5. Wild deer in Nara!!! 6. Harajuku St, Shibuya 7. Japanese Kitkat - Strawberry, Green tea and sakura green tea 8. clothes from Japan 9. view from Tokyo Tower 10. Tokyo Tower

Just got back today from Japan and Malaysia! :) 
Japan is amazing and I'm itching to go back already!
Unfortunately I missed my first uni lecture this morning (OH NO..hehe) flying in from KL but what can you do?
Me and my sister met a lovely sydney lady on the plane which helped distract us all from the overcrowded, stuffy flight. By far one of the worst (but not the worst) flights I've experienced.

Japan is an amazing city and filled with super friendly people! The shopping is amazing and the public transport and hygiene and food and people just make me weep when I compare it to Sydney (which seems woefully inadequate). 
If you're ever heading up to Japan make sure you brush up on some basic Japanese (english is not their first language) and Japanese culture/customs.
If you're a raging bargain hunter or just jumping on the vintage-bandwagon; there are amazing and CHEAP vintage stores throughout Harajuku st, Shibuya.


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