Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#271 ready for some gritty plane air!

from left to right: nine west booties on sale!, my birthday lunch from bestie, parmesan & truffle oil fries from Charlie&co., spiked flats from wittner, limoncello & vanilla icecream, mint & leopard, mocha from Macchiato, study session, work outfit, NEW HAIR!, shots of sydney, packing for JAPAN!

Just got my hair cut yesterday in prep for the humidity waiting in Malaysia and Japan! Leaving on Friday morning and i'm still not ready!
Exams were ridiculously hard and stressful and I'm just praying that I passed all my subjects. Trying to get packed and meet up with everyone (before they also leave but on exchange FOREVER) within a week was the idea but working and packing and catching up on sleep has killed all opportunities for me to be social (and i don't care anymore haha - i'm a terrible friend).

New items in at Diva! Pastels and metals, crystals and oranges, bibs and bibs - IT'S ALL HERE! So check em out before they're all sold out! 

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