Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#258 Winter chill

work; Forever New blouse, Sportsgirl pants, Zara heels, random bag, Diva accessories

work again; Forever New blouse, Gmarket skirt, Dotti belt, Henry Holland boots, Diva accessories

my soft serve x chocolate mousse mix dessert with choc chips!

an array of pizza hut buffet treats (note the fail soft serve cone)

making pizza for dinner

straight from the pizza oven

the shaky streets of The Rocks at night

pork belly @ The Lowenbrau

an ill-advised outfit

Just got home from dinner at The Lowenbrau. I really recommend it! Lovely service and filling food though the music gets loud at times. 

The contest is nowhere near finished but I was so surprised I got 209 votes over the weekend! :D Maybe i'll post another entry soon hehe! You guys are the BEST.
Winter is starting to set in (or well the proper autumn weather is coming), what with the lowering temperatures and so on. I'm itching to get my hands on either a marnixhm bomber jacket or these amazing AldoxChristian Cota boots I saw in store the other day;

photo found via google
The red ones look AMAZING. The black version does too, but the pop of the red against the brown just screams for my attention and love! Though at $229 I doubt I'll be grabbing them anytime soon.

The summer clearance sales have begun! Grab all the summer stock at cheap prices to stock up for next year! :D 
Also, Diva is releasing a new jewellery range soon called Metal Couture. You can check out the pieces online @! 

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