Saturday, April 24, 2010

Did you know there was a meteor that landed in America? i think it was Wisconsin (spelling?) and i'm pretty sure it was America...

I cannot believe i havent blogged for a week/11 days! HA! that's what shit internet does to you. Nothing much has happened besides my increasing lack of sleep, increasing indifference and increasing boredom.
Did my math and chem mid-sem quiz. Which i suppose were alright? i just hope i pass. A credit would be nice too ;)

I'm now actively involved in the marketing research of getting T-shirts/jerseys for SMSSOC and am an official website crash tester :) I have to catch up on all my subjects, got a prac assessment next next week and a biography and recording of an interview as well as research and speech-writing for an upcoming debate. urgh.

And i still don't have a job. PITY MEEEEEE!

On to other news- the David&Goliath shirts came in and i hope you guys are happy with them :D i know my sisters are (they walk around the house with them on as pjs lol). Caught up with ctown gang (ngaw you sexy chicks!) as well as khoi, jo and sarah and have been periodically running into hanso, fatty, weenie (LOL), Lei, jamie and LEON! and saw Tram today too! and Helene as well :DDDD

Wishing you guys a nice long weekend break before uni starts again! Love yous!

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