Monday, February 22, 2010

shoes = L O V E

I have bought 3 pairs of high heels in the past week! :)
Someone invite me out somewhere special so i can wear them!!!!!
Yesterday was our supposed Daytripper adventure ft. aibelle, Kat & moi but ended up kinda shitty after we stopped by cabra and K lost her glasses on the train! D: We did end up going to at least 2 stops though LOL. After cabra the mood kinda shitted so we hitched a train to Ctown and ended up spending the day at macsq and ctwn mall! RETAIL THERAPY is totally a good way to skip over the bad luck.
Convinced Aibelle and Kat to spend many $$$ on sale shoes at WILLIAMS (and i got a pair of nude sexy heels for only $40!!!). Then we trekked around to look for aibelle's shorts (which we found in the end!).
Got home around 430 thanks to aibelle's awesome driving skills! love the ladies K&A made my day :D
Then took a super quick shower, got dressed and grabbed C&E to drive to livo for train to cty Twilight parade :) Which was pretty good but totally sweaty and yucky sometimes D: I shall be uploading pictures on Fb so look for your sexy faces peeps! :)
We split at around 11? and met up with C&E at BT where we stayed til 330 and i got to dwnld some sexy sexy awesome heartwrenching episodes of supernatural~~!

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