Saturday, January 16, 2010


I think William Moseley is hot. Don't you? :DDDD

So, i've gone on a Narnia/Star Trek rampage. Not so much Star Trek as Narnia though cause, let's face it- can i really be bothered to watch ALL of Star Trek: TOS + movies? No, i cannot :)
Anyways, William is the dude that plays super awesome Peter :D He's adorable and funny, especially in this interview:

I was wondering, actually, growing up somewhere really rural did you used to
yearn to go somewhere urban like New York? Did you long for a city?
SKANDAR: He misses his chickens now. He misses his chickens.
WILLIAM: Unfortunately I didn't have chickens.
SKANDAR: You DID! You admitted to me you had chickens!
WILLIAM: We had, like, four chickens.
I didn't know it was that rural.
SKANDAR: (HOOTS) He went all the way! Up early every morning milking the chickens, then?
WILLIAM: I'm not sure you can milk chickens
btw; Skandar is the one who plays Edmund.
Moving on....due to this *SQUEE* fangirl sickness; i'm tempted to re-read the Narnia books i have and buy the rest of the series and just read a bunch of awesome fanfics :P

Mum says the Spa will be installed and ready to use in 2 weeks! Which is awesome considering that we're also adding a gazebo and paths into our yard specifically for the spa :) Also getting solar lanterns to decorate and light up the gazebo :D

I want to go to the markets! and buy antiques! :)

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