Thursday, January 21, 2010


FCK. Didn't get first two preferences.
*sigh* i got unsw though (but i would prefer usyd cause i feel like a total rejected loser) and thus have no choice to accept if i want to get in.
Unfortunately rec. knowledge includes Math ext 1 and physics but bridging courses sounds like a total bunch of bullshit filled with stress, insomnia and loss of mass amounts of cash. Yerp, it's a package deal. I think i might pass.

Today was a lovely day (prior to 9pm). Woke up at 1130, got dressed and ready by 12 to head out to beautiful sweetcheek Aibelle's 19th birthday lunch :) t'was nice to see mel, aibelly, cj and kat again :D Had a rockin' steak roll stuffed with a huge-o-mongous side (thatwasbiggerthanthesteakroll x3) of oily fries which tasted delicious :D

Caught up with my me-chan and cj and extracted a promise of a sleepover at my house :) Fingers crossed it actually happens.

PICNIC on FRIDAY. I think i might indulge the peeps who come with some brownies :) and maybe a salad or some fruit! Hopefully you girls do come~ hanso and mc are apparently not coming anymore :(

Tomorrow am signing up for volunteer work! Totally overdue but finally am getting around to it! Still pondering if i should get a job or not (considering i am technically a casual for the pharm) which is a bit of a bother. Also went driving to strathfield on Sunday :D Gave my dad about 3-5 panic attacks, almost crashed into 2 cars, scared 3 drivers and ran over the curb/dotted line at least 3 times. LOL. my 3rd time driving a busy road (first time outside ctown area) it wasnt too bad. *considering how small the roads in strathfield and burwood are* and dad says i'm a really smooth driver :)

Hopefully driving out this weekend as well~ maybe to Bulli beach? lol. Not looking forward to uni- at all. And anxiously waiting for my stupid net to get fixed.

Today i painted and decorated Caroline's nails :) brushed up on my already superb skills ^^. Will post pictures later~

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