Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sailor Moon

So i'm reading this Sailor Moon fanfic (yes, i should be studying english but belonging is being a pain in the butt) by author stargirl5 it's quite good, a bit draggy but expected considering its AU setting.
*if you don't know what AU means SHAME ON YOU! D:

and in the story OMG Endymion is such an idiot. GAWSH, if i was Serena (in this story) i'd totally not take the ass back let alone talk to him even for a moment. Shame that there's such a huge focus on just Serena and the jewel ppls and the baddies instead of just Serena and the other scouts. Friendship stories make me feel fuzzy and warm :)

Ariel was watching TWO AND A HALF MEN again. Sure, the show is funny (in a repetitive way) but gosh the Judith lady sounds like such a bitch. Honestly, using alimony for a boob job and a trip to Hawaii? But i guess that's where all the laughter starts....

So i was thinking, about studying and marks and etc. and i wonder......

Have you ever been in a situtaion where you've beaten someone you know (either in aquaintance or as a friend) who always always always gets the awesomest marks and then, you beat them. Now is it mercy if you tell them the mark after they beg so long to hear it? which results in them getting pissy (on the inside) and then they get this restricted pursed look on their face or they go neck-deep into wallowing depression and just moan and moan about how they did shiet. Or is it cruel to let them know?

My point in fact being that yes, it's annoying when the people who always get an A-range mark moan and moan and cry when they lose one mark or when they get a High-B-range mark when the rest of us sit in resigned attitudes accepting our marks in peace. Yes, it's annoying when you complain to me about your ranks when they're at least 20 ranks above my own. (this happens quite alot in extension and what-not; which is very very sad)

Onto other rants, my sister is getting increasingly on my nerves. Whether it be because she is really crude (for lack of better non-swearing word), demanding, bossy, annoying, completely hypocritical or changes moods so fast its like a constant PMS cycle. Quite annoying. Can't believe mum&dad have tolerated for so long. I stick through it. Paitience is a virtue.

OUR LAST YEAR. There's a high chance i won't miss it. School is a thorn, a splinter, a big fat car accident (on some days). Can't wait til i'm free. Maybe i'll miss some ppls but it will mostly in all probability just be the group. I can't say for sure that i'll recall everyone from yr 12 at all. Makes me sound like a biatch right?

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