Sunday, August 09, 2009

english is torture

Okay so look, it's Emma watson! I like her clothes. They're sexy.

Anyways HI LISA (if you ever come across here anytime soon). Jamie said your sister knows my sister, which she does ;D and ahhh i stalked your profile (cause i hate english and im bored) and weeeeeeeee Visual Kei is awesome yea? I like Lolita too ;)

So english gives me a pounding headache so to cure me, i look up different stuff on the online korean clothes. You guys should check out and and yeah ;) the clothes are so rad!

uhm and Jamie got me onto FML. It's funny/ very ownage! and ironic. You should totally read. especially that one about diabetes! hehe. but man, american people are freaky weird and totally totally out of control. LOL.

Maybe i should be getting back to english.

Let's do a review on my studious working (incl. maths):
1. a bajillion maths papers
2. Biology; 11/4 topic reviews and multiple choice practise
3. Chemistry notes: 2.5 topics
4. Ag: zilch, nada, nope, nothing :)
5. Ext 1: 4 pgs mini-notes and tagging possession ;)

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