Friday, June 26, 2009

i wonder if anyone even reads these...

i wonder if anyone even reads these...

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I live a totally boring life; need i say more?

So, this week was and continues to be JAM-PACKED with loads of assessments and assessments and lots and lots of my now hated subject- ENGLISH. oh and yes, it was due to this that i missed out on the weekly sexy SUPERNATURAL duo on Monday :(

Which led to subsequent late night-morning study until 430am for maths- which i totally failed btw. Thanks muchly to the beautiful aibelle who stayed up late with me to help me with my max/min. problems. honey, you're gonna knock the other 4unit math-ers off their feet ;)

and alex sweetie for keeping me company ^____^

After Tuesday spent Wednesday up doing the English Ext 1 Journal and creative pieces and Ext 2 report, journal and draft. Kept at it til 4-430am? haha to everyone who found it amazing i could sit up let alone be hyper after 2 hours sleep~ You guys obviously aren't convinced of my super powers are you? lol.

Studied for awesome bio @ school :D

Today was relaxing but confronting; speech is on Monday and i have to speak to Yr 11's, who've rubbed me the wrong way since i first came here. No manners at all-some of them. I remember overhearing a group of them discussing how many periods they could jig. Honestly.

I also currently have no related text? Aren't i just a pot of gold?
The HSC is looming closer and i have a distinct urge to just get it over and done with. The stress of assessments is enough for me. OMG and the trials timetable? i think i'll just go overdose now.

On another note, Lei says i am, contrary to personal belief, very social like a butterfly. LOL. Just realised on Thursday afternoon that i do talk to quite an array of people. I wonder if i'll ever talk to them in the future, considering that my mighty ATAR (disgusting acronym) will fail me and i apply to UWS or TAFE which is highly likely at my current rate and average GA.

It's funny, when i look back and compare myself to now- i see changes i never thought i'd create and obtain. I see shallowness and selfishness and a cloudy screen of monotony that fails to surprise me. But as we all know, your critique of yourself will always be harsher than another's which is why we all crave and fish for compliments in those rare moments of life. We're needy, desperate and dependent beings.

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