Sunday, June 28, 2009

Super Junior = waaayy too many peeps

DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR PAST HSC & TRIAL PAPERS ARE UP! (most trials are James Ruse or SGHS/SBHS ones). Feel free to dwnld.

&omg my body does not agree with midoris. :(
just brought it all back up and it has the grossest after-taste ever. yuck.

EDIT:// I'm so disappointed that Uther didn't die. Honestly he's so stupid, it's a wonder he's managed to survive for so long. I've been spoiling myself by reading about MERLIN on the net so i think i'm pretty sure what the secret behind Arthur's birth is. shhhhh.

I'm short 30 sec. on my speech. That's when i read slow. CBB to edit because honestly if it took me 20+ hrs to compe up with 803 words it's gonna take me ages to expand it just enough.

Eugene has the fever. LOL if he has swine flu.

If i don't return to school on tuesday you will probably find me in CR1, fainted or suffering from caridac arrest from nervousness and panic. Ha. maybe i'll apply for special needs. like lack of audience. :D

I get to go HK and China in November. I'm psyched, currently saved: $235

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