Sunday, June 07, 2009

Clamp love.

I am so totally considering dropping all the extension englishes....except then ill be left with 10 units which is NOT an option for me. I mean i am currently SUCKING at chem and bio and ag and math and english which are basically my ten units there. :(

Irvin&himakshi's party was a BLAST! *hi-5!* to Daryl! to imagine we could organise something so fun in just one and a half weeks makes me feel proud! :) The park was pretty and ended up doing alot of excercise! Hope that it's memorable enough for you guys...since that was the point- considering this is the last year together ;)

Daryl made an awesome video ^___^ and i ended up scrounging around and finishing Irvin's yearbook thingo on time! Now have to work on Himakshi's....which probably won't get done until the end of this week. considering all the extension and maths homework i have to catchup on and the AG assessment D:


Ohkay this is last minute but whoever needs the AG GROSS MARGIN table, i have one typed up in excel and doc. format. If you'd like it- i dont guarrantee it being right; ill send it. I still have to upload the past papers :0

ALSO!!! 2008 HSC exams are up on the BOS (official site) under past HSC exams. They've also put up Marker comments (in doc. form) to dwnld as well~ So get to it guys! ^^

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