Thursday, June 11, 2009

i'm a sucker for praise

i like Jessica Alba....she's so pretty :)
and so is her hair and face and yea lol~

This reminds me of photo day; Ms Jackson was really sweet and she said my hair was pretty ;) i felt cool~ and during extension last week? Sian said i was wisdom-y ^___^

compliments make me happy! heh.

Got chem rank and mark. not too shabby~ i'm very satisfied. but not overly satisfied because i could've done ALOT better you know? thank gosh i finally moved up though! i was getting suicidal over that shietty rank D: still have to sramble to the top for bio, eng and ag though. and crash through to the 50-60's at least for maths ><" Im working on my muscles~

continued the animal pharm show/video in bio and omgeeee so icky! :0 like cloning cows for their blood and making sheep grow human organs and growing feather-less chickens (which is so frikin gross cause like it looks like RAW MEAT ON LEGS). nasty stuff i'm telling ya.

and afhoadujfdbjfkjgrk!#%#@*! major work due in trm3wk5 and journal (and works) due in two weeks, and bio and english and maths is only a short week/weekandhalf away. i hate HSC and i hate ATAR and i hate this crap :)

SFF finishes on saturday. Hope i can get tickets to watch Coraline.

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