Friday, November 07, 2008

a picture

a few pics of the inside (:
since there's hardly much colour here anyways ><
the skirt i bought a while ago...

my softtoy bed...i sleep on the meager bare space to the right ^^

the awesome bookshelf....

so was very uneventful unless you count the fact that we had one of those seminar thingoes today again....about relationships and communications: abuse. Bio was boring as was Chem and my free and Math. Technically only had Math, Chem and Bio today. I'm wondering if i should pick up senior science....but Ann says its shiet-ass boring (well not in those exact words....) and Hanson sed they go only briefly into the stuff. im very hesitant.

Extension 2 was quite boring...Allie says that she thinks the group will get really close. i dunno, sometimes it's like i unconciously ostracise myself..blergh :/ anyways i got my ideas. So i just need to draft it :) On to others...i've been doing ALL my maths hw lately. but have been slacking a bit since QUADRATICS SUCK. and OMFGUH FOUR ASSESSMENTS IN ONE FCKING WEEK AND TWO ARE SELF-RESEARCH TESTS!!! WTF?! yea....not that much of a deal but i still need to research and finish reading all my extension texts and english texts first. GAWSH.

me and jamie's 3 months? or 4? was on thursday (yesterday) haha :) and that was the first day of her dogging me in ext 2 :( SOME ANNIVERSARY! LOL i forgive you :)

Melina DITCHED us in Ag for stupid senior science! GRRR! now i dont have a math buddy to help me no mores DX and Abhi misses you too!!! @@ David fell and rolled into the tree-ditch next to the bin today. Very awesome (accidental) stunt move. School has turned boring again. my social life has dwindled to non-existent, the yr 12 crap is already getting to me. at least i get my work done right?


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