Saturday, November 01, 2008


i SHOULD be studying and i should be doing my homework but i just CBF. gawshies. i hope the rest of yr 12 isnt like this.. sigh
anyways tis the time of year again! Over the holidays kinda drifted from ppls so i SHALL SET TO RENEW FRIENDSHIPS AND AQUAINTANCE-SHIPS! Cause i feel super bad D< [OHMYGAWSH BLOGGER FRIKIN SUX IT FKN DELETED THIS PARAGRAPH] anyways in a nutshell; Abi is dun dun dun scared of dirt LOLOL cause like i had dirty hands from handling the dirty lettuce and touched his face and he SCREAMED! LOL and then i feint-chucked the lettuce which had this teeny cute-ish slug at him and he ran away. LIKE HILARIOUS MAN.
ohkay so since last blog, i shall hopefully OFFICIALLY drop eco soon! i think Gippel forgot about me again harhar no biggie *shrugs*; not like im in his class technically anymore. we had a topic test on DIFFERENTIATION and it was easy :) or ohkay-ish cause i answered it all with 25-30mins to spare :)
But there WAS only 7 questions (with subsections but not many).
English was a bore. i apparently have to 'WRITE BIGGER' gawsh. all that effort to make my writing legible has gone to waste. FCKINNG annoying.
Mum made me a pretty yellow skirt and it looks loli-ish XD YAY~! now i just need a petticoat thingo and a top.
MY LAPTOP LIVES! :D i shall be updating the itouch soon :)
Mrs Sinclair is AWESOME for EXT.2 like it was FRIKIN AWESOME lesson and i feel awesome cause i contributed willingly to the discussion this time :)

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