Sunday, November 16, 2008


This WHOLE weekend i spent looking up and printing off yummy yummy RECIPES!!!! :D

ive done mostly all of the bio research :) and hopefully everything is right because DAMMIT i spent frikin FOUR HOURS in State library and spent TEN minutes waiting for the place to open ...*sigh*

Plus made a head start on ROMANTICISM research like i promised my Academic advisor i would :) did you guys know that Notre Dame is part of the Romantic period of France? :D

interesting huh? or am i just a nerd? LOL :P

"Do you know what i do when i'm scared?"
"Fart a little then deny it?"
"No....well, after that..."

Like LOL :) that's from Will&Grace btw :) even IF everyone says its a shiet show~

Oh and i registered for the Allen&Unwin and BORDERS newsletters and coupons yesterday :) now i have a 20% discount on FULL PRICED BOOKS coupon! YAY! apparently my mum got one pretty useless huh?

Felt like a B*TCH yesterday cause dammit my card wasnt working so i couldnt get Joanne the book and then i left the lady at Dymocks with a book on hold which i didnt go back for cause i didnt have TIME and then i ate lunch at FOUR and i was so CLOSE to frikin bursting to tears because this WHOLE WEEK/TERM IN GENERAL has been frikin grating on me and everything is just BLAH and sometimes it'll get better and then ill be happy-go-lucky and then it comes back and all i wanna do is DROP OUT and work at some teeny cafe. GAWD.

So to make myself happy least a little; ill post up a pretty picture of food;

*PS my belovd LIEN has a blog now! So go check it out~ (link is where all the other links are smarties! *wink*)

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