Tuesday, November 11, 2008


ahem anyways.....
Today was an uneventful day. Had the Academic Advisors thingo with Ms and got my report. Which was pretty crappy.....got 2 A's, 3 B's, 1 C and 1 D (Maths 3U ...thankgosh i DROPPED ^^). Anyways im glad i didnt get too bad. Now i just have to put extra 'OOMPH' into my B and C subjects and im all set.
What else.......? Made a SALAD for lunch~ it was YUMMY! and nutritious! I'm healthy hahaha :)
On the weekend went to STATE LIBRARY and man it is soooooo AWESOME! and really pretty! *preens* im going to go again this saturday! To read up adn research on ROMANTICISM and FAUST again :) Didnt spend long there and then afterwords Dad took me home. But then Ariel wanted Coke so we drove to Woolworths on the way back. Got some more white tea (yummy~), short grain rice (sushi or onigiri?) and i found the PANKO BREAD CRUMBS! i was like OMFGUH of ALL places it was being sold! XDDD Well anyways now i can FINALLY have a go and cooking KATSU-DON! :D
Stopped by VIDEO EZY which is having an AWESOME SALE!!!! DVD's range from $5-20 and they're IN BRAND NEW CONDITION!!! So Dad bought NEVER BACK DOWN! Which i hadnt seen before and then went home and watched it with so-and-so and *sigh* the main guy is like; HOTTER and COOLER and YOUNGER version of Tom Cruise! LAWL. I quite liked the movie but ONGBAK pawns it in fighting :)

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