Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ohkay so first person i sed hi to today? Khoi :)
Gyahaha anyways its KHOI'S BDAE ON WEDNESDAY!!! (have to go put on remember list...)
SO finally gave Joanne and Belinda their overdue presents :) Sorry for the no card! and i forgot to say that they're both worth the same amount of money and they're both from HAWAII :)
Lucky for you cause everyone's bdae in the holidays i got ur presents from Hawaii, Honolulu :P
Completely forgot everything for maths =3="

and funnily enough as soon as i finished posting (sunday..) about my stress i couldnt be bothered to stress anymore and started reading manga =3= i told Khoi and he just laughed :)
So FINALLY finished AG and nearly finished Bio and Eco (THANK GOSH FOR DARYL& LEI&JOANNE!!!!!) Wednesday and the rest of the week i will work on english speech :)
English seminar ill do during speech presentation week for eng adv. and i've almost finished the journal :D

Today was a good-ish day. Despite the residential blahblahblah-ing and RADICAL issues surrounding people who need not be dragged into such a situation despite their status, everything was ohkay :) Hrmmm i owe many ppls hugs which i failed to give out yesterday/today. oh wells, peoples need to remind me ohkays?
CHEMISTRY FINALLY LOVES ME!!!! After a whole 2 terms of constant misunderstanding and bad marks, chemistry has finally forgiven me and graced me with a BEAUTIFUL MARK which will HOPEFULLY BOOST MY RANK!!!!
BIOLOGY is <3~>
Eco is still tittering and im considering dropping it for HSC. Time will tell.

***on another note; can't believe Daryl and Geoff don't know what smitten meant =_=
SAW ELIE! on Tuesday in the holidays~ and he got me a male (-_-) jumper which is hugeomongously comfy!!! i LOVE YOU!!! and PONI i LOVER YOU TOO! that journal is soooo cute TT_TT (i miss you...)

Harhar Philip only just realised i was Poni's friend who had all the game consoles! LOL what a slow one :)
Got a HUG from NOI FINALLY! Poor dear has trials...GANBATTE!!!

*******LISTEN TO SUPERHUMAN (keri hilson&chris brown) & DANGEROUS (akon) awesome songs!!!
HYORI LEE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT. damn if i was a guy.....i'd "tap" that :)

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