Friday, July 25, 2008

stressed...aching :(

Ohkay, wednesday went specialist up at Rnadwick hospital...all good :)
Drove past Randwick school peoples and OMG Sydney Boys is such a PRETTY SCHOOL :D

Am currently staying up late again even though i have early maths tomorrow morning....
trying to study for eco which i'll probably fail anyways cause i dont like eco so i dont like putting effort :/
only got three pages of dot points...Daryl has over 60 and jamie has about 5 :(
i feel stupidddd :)

Got maths mark which made me as happy as a flying balloon :P PASSED!!!! YES! and with a fairly decent mark too....glad i got ohkay otherwise i'd be ashamed cause the test was pretty straight forward.
For the assignment got 87% LOL cause i copied all the answers from everyone else! XD

I think i'll drop Eco. Maths ext if i do really bad in the yearlys.

Spent half hour waiting at station and spent time writing up speech. got a page for an intro and some content. i gotta cut down. Thank god finished AG ages ago. Bio is almost done. Ext eng is just a week away~

Forced to do chem comp. Guessed most of the stuff. Maths comp next week and then school photos...maybe i'll skip? hrmmm im very bad at competitions.

Seemingly closer to friends. have no idea why. Am beginning to initiate conversations. Improvement is still coming. Talked to himakshi, Angela, Jamie, Hanson, Irvin....etc. i don't talk deeply with you guys much so ill try harder~

saw TWO exchange? students from japan. Wearing the whole uniform and everything :) the guy looked PRO !!!

my shoulder's killing me, im off to shower and study like crazy. GOODLUCK.

haha abby replied.....LOL can't imagine him saying that....

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