Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am an Analytical Thinker :D

My personality type: the analytical thinker

Scabbed the link off Joanne and did the test! (personality test lor~!)
I am an "Analytical-Thinker" :)
The description actually describes me really well haha~ except for the "being good at math/science subjects" part XD
Anyways, my birthday was spectacular~
The presents were LOVELY and i spread hugs to anyone who didnt get one off me on that day.
Unfortunately i promised cake to Joanne, Belinda, Himakshi and Angela but i kinda ate the piece :X
....anyways i LOVE YOU (angela)! she got me an actual present and ive only known her for TWO terms XD
omguh so nice~ and sweet~

okay so HAWAII next week. and unfortunately i probably wont be able to see any of you guys (who dont go to HAHS) before i go considering the amount of work and assessments im buried under)

YES Tasie i got ur cute bdae msg and i hope you dont mind the fact that i saved ur number :)

anyways to everyone, THANKYOU you guys made my stressful week a little more relaxed.

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