Sunday, June 15, 2008

bigbang lets do it agen uh-uh

So blah blah i went on camp blah blah and yerh you prbably heard all the details from Jamie and Emerson and blah!
No offense to all those camps out there but daym it wasnt as eventful for me as it used to be. Everything you do is the same, all the activities, all the procedures and all the food....
Anyways i came back FINALLY! the first night and second day were the best. Every other bit of it kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I won't elaborate about those parts...
and in response to Mr's comment about reflection shiet yesh i came back and found out that the camp was like a medium through which i could analyse my place and my friendships so far.....namely how close i really was with these people. Granted this "reflection" didnt do much except confirm my previous thoughts and doubts i've been consumed with since the start of term 2.

On a more negative note, i came back home dead tired with a swollen thumb and a bajillion bruises and aches and pains which were NOT there when i was on the bus...><"
The trip back home was uneventful, namely i sat next to Vicky- dead tired and slept the whole way back (while listening to my ipod haha) whilst Vicky, being the cute thing she is, ended up curling up (somehow) and fell asleep in a fetal-like position XD
Came home around 430 and went to take a nap at 530 which i did not wake up from till 330 on Saturday =_="
Totally bombed my chinese school test and rushed back home after for tutor.
This morning was terrible....but productive. woke up at 930 and got started on that Geometry assignment, took an hour break then finished off the last two questions in a matter of seconds (im so proud) and got started on chem. So far i've done the whole first section, 3/4 section 2, 1/2 section 3 and just barely started sections 4&5.

Oh and on saturday night, decided to celebrate my bdae cause everyone's busy (including me) on Tuesday (which is the actual date). Got a Samsung phone (that real nice flip one...66-something), N73 & CASIO 5.1 megapixel camera from dad (hehehe); a pretty hoodie/dress from ariel; hoodie dress and skivvy shirt from Caroline and an AWESOME japanese wooden doll and USD$50 from mum! Also got a cool watch-bendyman clock, pen and book from The Hoods XD

now i have to finish off math hw, catch up on bio and probably review a bit of trig & eng.

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