Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time is ticking~ time is t-t-ticking away~

Title: ONE by EPIK HIGH (ft. JiSun)

Well i say a heeeeeyo to everyone out there. For a more insightul post you guys can go to my lj :)
anyways here's a recount of my dreadful day:
Woke up late, packed lunch, jumped in the car, took the train, got the school and went to the library.
Maths was first period (insert flashback of when i got back my [ABYSMAL] ranking paper) and thank gosh i finished all my hw (which im VERY proud of) because we got a bit more hw today (which i finished withing 1/2 hr cause it was only a little bit).
Then we had english, walked with Jamie (cause she met me at the stairs haha such a SWEET CAKE!) and then sed the greets to Kim and Susanna <3>
then while we were walking down the stairs, i was talking with Jamie and then i MISSED a STEP and tumbled down the stairs with a frikkin 2kg bag on my back. X____X so EMBARRASING!
and a big HUG to Susanna, Kim, Helene and Jamie for being such dearies and asking if i was alright <3
actually i've never tumbled down a flight of stairs was interesting :)
after that...the day was pretty bland for me. and the pain from the tumbling wasnt so bad so i practically ignored it and then forgot all about it until just now, cause there's a bruise on my hip -___-"

Biology was SO MUCH FUN today! :) I really like BIOLOGY class! Well, one of the girls in my class (i cant remember her name!) when Mr went to get scalpels and microscopes, asked for jelly beans as well (she was the one who asked for it the other time too) and the sir came back with a BIG BAG of jellybeans! :D
And we were doing a prac on transpiration, like we soaked a celery stem in coloured water- purple; and then cut a cross section of the stem for inspection to draw, and OMG the vascular bundles were like FULLY purple or blue-ish/red-ish. So i wanted to see how the bundles/tubes looked right? so i cut up the stem cross section (cut beforehand) and OMG it looked like VEINS! so i went around showing EVERYONE! and they all sed it looked cool too! XD Like i showed Vivian and her friend (i cant remember her name! @_____@), then Sarah and Helene and then Bavithra and Jessica! :]
oh and Mr (Spies is his name ^^) came around after and gave us extra jellybeans! (me, Vicky, Khoi and sunny) Not anyone else!JUST US! haha i think he likes me :) and then Baen ate the coloured/dyed celery stick which is DISGUSTING and GROSS and EWWWWW #______#

and then best thing about chem was the prac Mr did, melting the parafin wax then flinging substance onto the floor to exponse it to oxygen causing a HUMONGOUS FLAME to appear in the air and light the newspaper on fire. which was AWESOME.

oh and after, saw jenny ^^ she's so pretty and funny! and we walked to the station together :]
but i wished everyone who went to do the science comp good luck before i went so NYAH! :P

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