Sunday, April 10, 2011


okay somehow i've misnumbered all of my here's the actual #post i'm on right now...

I've been shopping/spending money alot recently. This week has been on clothes (cute t-bar flats from sportsgirl, oversize knit, khaki pants and fake fur vest from intoxic) and some more jewellery from diva.

Ever since House of Harlow jewellery first came out I kind of fell in love with it. Not a big obsession or anything I just like it ALOT. Though I only like a few pieces (the black, white-no to opals or the big bling pls) mainly the signature 'sun' ring in black/cream and the tribal bangle/cuff stack. (the designs are very simple but look amazing!).
Diva has a new BOOGIEPOP range focusing on black and gold combos. Granted, a few just look gaudy or a bit EW on the average person but my fav piece of jewellery does come from there! :) i'll post an outfit post with it next time :3

Winter's coming~! Time to stock on some workman's boots (if you didnt follow the trend before), an aviator jacket (lol thats a NO for me though), some knits and a decent pair of pants!

CAPE from asos came the other day. it looks amazing and the material is thick enough to be warm but not heavy. I can't wait to wear it out :)

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