Sunday, November 07, 2010


Okay some people are WAAAY too sensitive about obesity:

Check out the comments (& the article but the COMMENTS are appalling). Because OMG there are so many people complaining about this ONE chick who's talking about how morbidly obese people shouldnt encourage other morbidly obese people. EVEN though morbidly obese is obviously not something you should encourage (READ: MORBIDLY obese, FYI: meaning it is NOT HEALTHY).

Personal opinion: i dont give a flying fuck if you are obese but sometimes you just have to toughen up. I've had obese people call me a shitload of names, heard them ridicule others but RAGE when they're being insulted (because of their weight). HYPOCRITICAL MUCH?

Although the sensitivity regarding obesity could just be one of the many extreme ideas that America is known for.

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