Saturday, June 05, 2010


It's been a while since my last post. About 3 weeks? OMGUH almost a MONTH D:
Anyways i'm freeeeee~ from uni now- just have exams to pass and i'm DONE (until next semester....ew).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Irvin and Himakshi (OMG does this mean mine is coming sooner than i thought?!) and i hope you enjoyed the reunion/bash-like thing :)

JENSEN ACKLES IS MARRIED! (as of 15may 2010 apparently!) and JARED PADALECKI is married too (with Genevieve Cortese-who plays Ruby in season 4). The wedding pictures (jared's) are sweet~ if you roam around tumblr, there's this really cute one floating around w/ jared being held up by the other dudes and jensen off to the side with his 'tilt-the-head-i'm-so-sexy-and-you-know-it' face :D

I have yet to watch Ironman II. and Robin Hood. and Prince of Persia. I AM ASHAMED. STUPID UNI! DAMN YOU!!!!!

anyways, Thursday this week was the scif debate; which - fyi we TOTALLY WON! ahahaha thnx to our last speaker who-i quote "totally destroyed" the other team :P and i suppose i did pretty well? no super shakey voice or not loud enough voice or even stuttering :D Also had the prac exam which was total BULLSHIT. GAWD im in an exam- why the hell would i think further than it says to on the paper? urgh.

FOUND OUT WHICH BUS TO TAKE TO GET TO RACECOURSE. it's the 374. or you can take 372 or some other one. from central. then ride it til you pass the Royal racecourse sign and get off. There's a map at the entrance and signs everywhere apparently :)

GOOD LUCK for your exams.

I wanna go shopping :X

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