Saturday, March 06, 2010


It's been a long run but i think it's just gonna keep on crumbling. I don't think i'll support no more.
The whole Ent. industry of Korea is really really going downhill. It's not really my place to say (i suppose) but honestly from the few articles i've been reading (whether they be true or false), after my trip overseas, bascially- everything i've been 'exposed' to- i don't have a high opinion of it anymore. So i think i'll keep listening to the songs but i don't think i'll ever buy the stuff, offer outright support, anything.

I mean, trying to keep a level-head here; and i am open minded okay? But the conspiracies, lawsuits, SHIT that just repeats itself makes me RAGE. like so fucking much. Even if it isn't true- either way, both parties look bad.

And one of the worst cases i've ever read (and thats counting all the fiction i read); I'm not a supporter or a huge fan but it made me almost spew or rage or cry. And even if it wasnt true but a whole bunch of bullshit? I still wouldnt change my decision cause fans/anti-fans alike already turn me off. YUCK.


Uni isn't getting better. I wonder if i'll last. Tafe is looking like a BIG FAT BALL OF SUNSHINE in comparison. I wouldn't mind being a receptionist for the rest of my life. Or even a paperboy/girl whatever. I've made some friends though...or peers? at least. I hope it gets better.

At least i can come home everyday and laugh and talk about shit with the family <3 Caroline's getting better though she still can't laugh without holding her face cause of the pain LOL. English is improving haha.

I hope i don't fail this semester. term. week. whatever.

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