Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From your residential FAILURE

had eng test yesterday. i absolutely BOMBED IT.
COMPLETELY FAILED. most marks (assuming the teacher marking is generous) i'd get is 30/45 which is only 66%. FAIL.
didnt even FINISH the test. (i've never ever not finished a test before OMFG).
oh and i paid for my stuff! im getting earmuffs and pants and a pretty skirt i've been wanting for AGES! only $50 shipped! :P
anyways i *figuratively NOT literally (i'm not a frikin nerd)* cried over the test. and now im moving on and regretting on taking eng ext. -_____-"
studied for chem today! THANK YOU EMERSON. those notes were like a friggin BLESSING!
and now im gonna rest on the comp for a bit.

Woke up at 1pm today (studying til 3am IS NOT good for you) and ate and watched BIGBANG concert vol.2 MAKING of concert. OMG i almost CRIED. It was showing the backstage of the concert and OMG seung ri was injured and HE STILL WENT ONstage! and then he kept passing out and then HE GOT HIT BY THOSE SMOKE THINGS they have onstage! and OMFG he had to go in an ambulance! and throughout the whole concert you see him limping backstage (his leg was all bandaged and stuff) and crying from the pain and IT WAS SO SAD. T________T just goes to show how dedicated he is. i LOVE BIGBANG.
*sniffle sniffle*
and then i watched the videos that are centered on them individually and haha Daeseong is SO CUTE! :D
and OMG IRVIN YOU HAVE THE SAME BAG AS T.O.P!!!!! XD (your stussy one!)

and omg AG and Ext. Eng tomorrow! ><"
then chem 0__0
and MONDAY is Peony's bdae so i'm off to visit Oatley~! wooo~

and mother's day is up soon~! we're going to all chip in and buy a Tiffany&co. bracelet for mummy~! hopefully! ^____^...maybe a scarf too....


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